1. All Papers for AICMBS 2019 must be submitted using Online Submission Management available at the AICMBS website.
  2. Before submitting your paper for review, please make sure that your paper is prepared based on AICMBS paper format guideline
    • Paper must be submitted in ENGLISH. Article in any other language will not be further considered.
    • Paper should be written in Microsoft Office Word (Two column format, Times New Roman, 12 font size, single spacing). Page margins are formed to regarding the A4 page size with 3 cm to all indent margin (top, bottom, left, right).
    • Paper must consist of maximum 7 pages per article (including Abstract and References).
    • Download AICMBS Paper Format Guidelines (File in .docx) -> Here updated 29 June 2019
  1. Paper should be proofread through professional proofreading service (legalized translator and proofreader or at least senior member of HPI (Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia) or other formal and equal institutions abroad that can be ensured for its quality of proofreading.
  2. Paper that does not follow Paper Format Guidelines will not be reviewed.
  3. Your submitted paper to AICMBS 2019 is considered to be in its final form, and will be reviewed by at least two reviewers in a double-blind review process, with the understanding that is has not been published, nor is being submitted, accepted, or under review elsewhere. By submitting your paper, you warrant that the above statement is true.
  4. Paper submitted for AICMBS 2019 is judged in terms these criteria:
    • Originality;
    • Conceptual/Theoretical Quality;
    • Methods/Approach;
    • Interpretation of Results;
    • Overall Contribution to Knowledge.
  1. Online submission and registration follow this link --> Online submission